A Life of Preaching & Teaching

A Life of Preaching & Teaching

Rev. Charles E. Mock

I have spent my life preaching and teaching against what the Bible calls false gods and idols which are created from human imagination and desire for power and authority over others. Jews, Christians and Muslims believe there's one true and eternal God.

For this reason I grieve with others, Christians and non-Christians, when political leaders engage in god-making

through the political idolization of President Trump. There are politicians making this former President more important than than the very nation they say they want to make great again. The Judicial system has weighed in against the allegations of election fraud. While the soul of the nation is being ravaged by Covid and ripped apart by Politics, there are Christians who are complicit in this, weaponizing and demonizing the democratic election system to support a man who lost but who refuses to lose. Support of the refusal to lose makes one complicit in the self destruction of this nation. In the next 4 years, his idolizers, if they truly feel robbed, could work like hell to have him or someone of his choice run in 2024 for the oval office. They do not have to destroy Democracy by making a man in the land more important than the laws of the land. This is the very "god-making" and "idolizing" of man we preach and teach against as appointed and anointed proclaimers of the Gospel of one True and Eternal God.

It is one thing to believe President Trump was raised by God for a divine purpose (which some Christians believe and have a right to such belief). It's something altogether different to determine the length of his tenure, and by any means necessary--threaten people with death, destroy the election system by disinformation campaigns, dismiss state and federal judicial rulings, and go forth armed with words and weapons.