COVID-19 Vaccination


By: Rev. Charles E. Mock

In light of questions regarding whether to take the Covid19 Vaccine Shot or not, I share my perspective. Unless additional evidence reverses my opinion, I would take the Vaccine Shot for the following reasons.

1. Will I permit them to have more faith in medical marvels manifested by vaccines makers, than me, a preacher, having faith in the Messiah's marvelous miracle-making ways through skilled medical professionals? Do I not encourage members to submit to medical prescriptions and medical doctors as products and persons God works through to heal us?

2. I have encouraged others to utilize safety measures based on believable evidence that such safety measures work: Credible, scientic, evidence-based faith.

To simply leave my decision in the hands of "freedom of choice," or "let your conscience be your guide" is the very attitude I have pushed back against and railed against at non-mask wearers, and non-social distance citizens.

2. For me not to take the shot would place me in the group that believes God will protect me because of my faith.

I never bought into that argument for the same reason Jesus didn't buy into it. Satan tried to get Jesus to leap like Superman from a high building and use His "Son of God Protection Card" to keep from falling to his death.

Jesus gave a quick sriptural NO to this Satanic suggestion. Jesus felt it would have been holy credit card misuse and abuse.

3.Political leaders are taking it to provide moral leadership in the name of a healthier America.

Will I not match their moral leadership as a Pastor that preaches and teaches moral

leadership for the sake of the kingdom of God? Will I provide leadership by offering my body as a sacrificial example of love for self and others? If I have an opportunity to live with loved ones a little while longer, would I not deny them and me that opportunity?

4. If I was offered an experimental drug or high risk surgery that could reverse pancreatic terminal cancer, I would take the surgery by faith.

Whether it worked or not, much could be learned and improved upon that could save the next person's in similar circumstances. Greater live has no man than this than to lay down his life for another.

5. In John 9:6, to be healed, a blind man had to choose to submit to a shot of clay made by spit and dirt. It was a shot applied to his eyes.

In Mark 8:23, to be healed, a blind man had to choose to submit to a direct shot of spit into his eyes.

These men did not have the understanding of Jesus we are privileged to have today. Theirs was

an act of evidence-based faith-- "What worked for others like us just might work for us."

What the 2 men had in common was a desire to see. They were willing to risk unforseen side effects to live a new quality of life.

I cannot allow what "bad" happened in history decide for me the "good" that is and can happen through doctors that take seriously the motto, Do No Harm, with a greater sense of moral conscience.

I'm not trying to decide for you. I am just letting you in on how I intentionally make my decision.