Order of the day

Explanation in Order for the Good of the Order!

By:  Rev. Charles E. Mock

If any of our friends or associates are surprised by what Black Christians are saying in response to the hostile takeover of the Capitol let me say this:

1. We were prayerfully waiting to exhale: waiting for God to show you better than we tried to tell you about what we have been seeing from the lens of our colored history about how true Patriots respond to laws and policy differences.

2. We are still your friend and associate if you still care to be ours.

3. If you choose not to talk about your feelings, please know authentic reconciliation and holistic healing can arrive only after the expensive nature of truth is paid for--confession, renunciation, social repentance and new deeds that match the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart. This is the formula for everybody that is seriously interested in "Building Back Better?

Homework assignment. What would love and human dignity have us do as we go forth from chaos toward community?