Community Family  Ministry Plan

Community Family Ministry Plan (CFMP)



This is a plan that goes into effect immediately after a person receives the right hand of fellowship.

It is an orientation plan that leads to moving members into a healthy understanding of what it means to be a member, how to move from membership to discipleship, and then participation in ministry.  


Seasoned members and disciples are chosen to serve as Ministry Partners with a given number of members, especially members new to the church. They serve as a point of contact for the members, the Deacons and the Pastor under the banner ALL MEMBERS MATTER!

The Family Discipling Partner, walks with new members for a year beginning at the time of the right hand of fellowship.


A. Seeks and encourages membership awareness of the history and present church vision, serving as an interpreter of the annual goals and objectives.

B. Informs new members by phone and, or home or church visits by appointment. Discusses important items having to do with the church such as upcoming annual days and expectations.

C. Works on getting family members of their group to know each other for example through activities, programs or fellowship opportunities.

D. Serves as an assistant to the Deacons and Deaconess in their Out Reach efforts to new members. Informs the In Reach Coordinator and the Church Clerk on any major happenings or contact information changes in the lives of their partners.