Deacon Grifton Pou, Chairman Deacon Board

Deacon’s Ministry: Acts 6:1-6

Diakonos or servants were chosen to tend to the needs of the growing disciples of Christ. Our Deacons assist the Pastor in Baptism, Communion and Member Visitation and Membership Concerns. Our Deacons see themselves as extensions of the Pastor who sees himself as an extension of Christ.

Deacons represent an extension of the Pastoral Ministry and are considered as leader-servants of the church.  In accordance with the Word, deacons are to recognize their roles as ministering servants of the church.  They are to be members of this church whose character and qualifications shall be specified in 1 Timothy 3:8-13 and Acts 6:1-6.

We are thankful for our deacons and their families who have dedicated themselves to answer the call.  According to the teachings in Acts 6:1-6, the following principles of service define the practical duties of the deacons:

To assist the Pastoral staff with secondary responsibilities in order that they may spend more time in prayer and in the ministry of the Word.

To give attention to the needs of the membership, especially to widows.

To assist in resolving problems which arise within the College View Baptist Church fellowship and work toward unity.

To be examples within the fellowship of wisdom, spirituality, faithfulness and of good character.

To provide loyal support for the pastors.

Faithful attendance at church services.

To display a consistent commitment to stewardship and the giving of self.

To lead the church in the achievement of it’s mission.

To maintain a high level of confidentiality with information relating to issues which may arise within the Deacon Ministry.  

Please keep them in your prayers as they faithfully serve the fellowship of believers at Community Missionary Baptist Church

Deacon Grifton Pou, Chairman Deacon Board
Deacon Willie Hopkins, Vice Chairman