This is one of our newest ministries.  Its mission is to provide an on-line network for our church family to communicate and obtain information on current events at Community Missionary Baptist Church.  It will also create an opportunity for those in our community to gather some answers to questions they may have about us and alleviate the trepidations of being "new" and feeling at a loss in an effort to present a more welcoming feeling and add members to our church family.

To know Jesus is to know his church. And to love Jesus is to love his church. This is why, as Christians, we must wrestle with what it means to be the church, not just with our ideas of it. Explore what the church is, why it exists, and what it means for us. The Christian life is an amazing, supernatural life. You can’t get it from the church, or baptism, or Christian parents. It only comes from Jesus. It’s Jesus’ life coming into yours and radically transforming your whole life. When you receive the Spirit you get a new nature, new desires, and new power. You cannot live the Christian life apart from the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.


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Devotionals to deepen your understanding and belief in the Word of God.

Mini-Sermons by Rev. Charles E. Mock



Our God is a gracious, loving dad who continues to save and adopt more kids into his family. Though none of us has picture-perfect families, Jesus is at work reconciling us to God as sons and daughters and to one another as brothers and sisters.


In this sermon series, Pastor looks at Jesus' prayer life, specifically three of His prayers, and teaches us how we can pray like Jesus, our perfect example of prayer.


What happens when a wealthy benefactor funds a costly and lengthy investigation by an educated medical doctor and historian of the life of a man who claimed to be God? The Gospel of Luke.