Designed to Strengthen Men in Their Walk with God

The men’s ministry is designed to strengthen men in their walk with God and with their God-intended role as leaders of their marriage, family, career and church. This is an on-going process regardless of life stage.

Grow a fellowship of men of all ages, centered around the common purpose of being in a close, loving, intimate relationship with Christ and daily available for Him to do His Kingdom work through them.


“Community Missionary Baptist Men grasping ever more firmly that purpose for which Christ has taken hold of them.” (Philippians 3:12)


Developing real relationships with God and other men.

Identity, Community, and Service.  

These are the core values of what we feel are important for men in our culture to thrive and become all of who God is calling them to be.

Identity – Knowing who you are in Christ, unlocking your potential, discovering your heart and living out of your passions.  Your relationship with God is what helps you understand who you are and how God intents you to live out the full life He created you for.

Community – God never intended for man to be alone, all of us need people in our lives to help keep us on the right track.  Be a part of the community God has surrounded you with so you can go through life with your band of brothers.

Service – Helping others is an essential part of our existence.  Don’t miss out on the opportunities God is inviting you to be a blessing for someone else.

Check out these ways for Men’s Ministry to be real in your life.