The In Reach Servant Leader calls meetings of the Deacons, Deaconess and Missionaries as needed to discuss membership matters regarding Baptism, Communion, Visitations, Fellowship and Christian Education & Discipleship development. The In Reach Servant also meets with the Family Ministry Coordinator and attends Family Membership Meetings as an ex officio member.

The Up Reach Servant Leader calls meetings of the Finance Committee, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer and Chairman of the Trustees Ministry to discuss church administrative matters, the annual budget and how it will be reached. With the Assistance of the Pastor an annual budget is formulated and presented to the church based on church approved processes and protocols.

The Out Reach Servant Leader calls meetings with the Evangelism and Mission Ministries of the Chucrh to plan for worship, evangelical and mission service opportunities. The Out Reach Ministries are:

  • EVANGELISM AND MISSION MINISTRY: Advances the kingdom of God through witnessing opportunities by word and deeds.
  • CHOIR MINISTRY: Provides singing for all services in keeping with the gospel and in a way that leads to the conversion and or advancement of members.
  • MUSIC MINISTRY; In keeping with the gospel, provides an atmosphere for and accompaniment to the Pastor’s sermon and teaching ministry in ways that promote the presence and planting of God’s Word This means in the Spirit of holiness.
  • USHERS MINISTRY: Ministers to the comfort and convenience of members and visitors through the gift of hospitable service.
  • NURSES MINISTRY: Ministers to visitors and members during worship services by providing emergency health assistance.
  • CULINARY MINISTRY: Ministers to the physical needs of members during fellowship and events sponsored by the Church.