Bro. Tyrus Bailey, Chairman, Trustees

Trustees Ministry: Isaiah 22:20; Luke 12:34-48


Financial Stewardship: Who then is that wise and faithful steward?


Budgeting for Ministry: Where your treasure is there your heart is also.


Accountability: Doing all and all we do to the glory of God.


Church Policies & Practices: Moving from being called to proper church protocols.


Trustees assist Deacons and the Church in Church Maintenance, Property inventory, insurance compliance, budgetary needs and legal issues, for example, Church job description review and approval; signing and keeping safe all church legal and non-legal files.


Legal Signatures for Community are: 1 Deacons, 1 Trustee, Church Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Pastor


Bro. Tyrus Bailey, Chairman, Trustees
Bro. Willie Pennaymon, Vice-Chairman, Trustees